Shamanic drums in shamans hands. Ritual.

Healing Steeped in Tradition

Shamanic healers have been an integral part of every tribe, on every continent since the dawn of man. They serve as the community doctor, midwife, counselor, arbitrator, seer, and expert of the spiritual world. Though many of these practices have been forgotten due to colonization, the remembrance of our ancestral knowledge is needed more than ever in our modern society. 

I have been trained in the ancient, indigenous shamanic practices from Peru, North America, Tibetan Bon, West African Yoruba and Dagara, and Central American Maya

Image by Joshua Newton

Shamanic Healing

I offer shamanic healing methods including: 

  • Drum Doctoring 

  • Rattle Doctoring 

  • Limpias 

  • Extraction Healing 

  • Khuya Balancing 

  • Soul Loss/Retrieval 

  • Power and Power Animal Retrieval 

  • Cleansing Flower Bath 

  • Divination 

  • Despacho Ceremonies 

  • Home, Office, and Land Cleansing 

  • Khuya Stones

  • Pachakuti Mesa 

  • Plant Medicine Integration

  • Birth and Death Rites 

  • Bardo Death Rituals

Shamanic healing sessions are typically 2 hours.

Please note that due to the intimate nature of this work, social distancing and mask wearing is not always possible.