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Postpartum Support 

It takes a village.

The concept of a couple welcoming a baby in isolation is a fairly new adaptation to human society. Postpartum is a time in which we need help to get back to ourselves. In the absence of support from family and tribal systems, what we need more than ever is a postpartum doula.


Someone to help you through the transition of motherhood.


To hold space for you when you feel overwhelmed, to show you baby hacks to make life easier and be that person who shows up when you need them most. 


Most importantly, to be your village. 

As your postpartum doula, I help you to feel more confident in the transition to motherhood while assisting with everything you and your new baby may need. My role as your doula is to provide emotional support and birth processing, infant care and education, breastfeeding support, light household help, and offer an array of resources to new families.


I meet families with an open mind, a willing heart, and a vast array of knowledge, to help new parents with the care needed to work through areas of difficulty and help build confidence to trust their parental instincts. 

  • Breastfeeding/formula/bottle feeding support

  • Engorgement issues

  • Postpartum recovery & challenges

  • Setting up a healthy sleep environment

  • Promoting healthy sleep habits

  • Creating a feeding/sleep schedule

  • Recommendations for local resources

  • Baby's first bath 

  • Birth processing 

  • Nursery Basics

  • Newborn Safety

  • Troubleshooting issues that may arise

  • Ways to track the basics of diapers & feeds

  • Pumping basics

  • Answering all your questions

  • Helping you recover and establish a self care routine

  • And more…

Postpartum Support Can Include: 

Postpartum packages are based upon a families unique needs and can range from 40-72+ hours of support which can be broken up across days, weeks, even months! 

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*Postpartum support is available in person and virtually