The art of divination and palm reading has been used since antiquity to gain divine insight from the spirit world. In modern times, it is still a diagnostic tool to help gain understanding into the root illness, for life path questions, relationship issues, and to better understand someone's past, present, and future.  

I utilize the following divinatory methods: 

  • Mayan Divination - Used throughout the Guatemalan highlands for thousands of years. By working with the Tzolk'in (Mayan Calendar), I use the ancient method of corn pointing and pulling while chanting a sacred prayer to gain insight into your question. 

  • Stone Throwing - Possibly one of the oldest forms of divination. I invoke the spirits of my lineage to come forth for clarity to your question or issue. I find this method is the best for any type of healing related questions. 

  • Mala Divination - Utilizing a Tibetan Bon technique for gaining quick answers to simple questions. 

  • Medicine Card Reading - This method helps to gain insight into past, present, and future issues that you may need healing with. 

  • Shamanic Palm Reading - An ancient diagnostic tool used to better understand one's health and life path. 

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Due to Covid, all sessions are currently held via Zoom 

Image by Haley Owens