Image by Ava Sol

Shamanic Birth Support 

Since the dawn of man, humans have seen the act of birth as the pinnacle of spiritual events a person can go through. Throughout gestation, a series of ceremonies typically were held all leading up to the main event: the birth of a new baby. In modern times, we have lost our reverence for the sacredness of birth as it has been deemed more of a medical than a spiritual event. Yet, with the rise of traumatic birth experiences in the hospital setting, more women are looking back to their ancestral roots to embrace the ceremony of birth. 

Together, we can collaborate on what the ideal ceremony looks like to you and what birthing rituals to incorporate on your special day. 

In addition to birth rituals, other shamanic rituals can include: 

  • Cleansing flower bath 

  • Khuya stone balancing 

  • Mayan Divination for birth 

  • Mayan Astrology reading 

  • Soul calling/retrieval 

  • Limpias (cleansing ceremony)

  • Power retrieval 

  • Power animal retrieval for mom and baby 

  • Astral connection to the baby before birth 

  • Use of charged rebozo and uterine closing ceremony 6 weeks postpartum 

  • Charged rattle for baby 

  • Divinatory techniques for mom and baby


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