Hospital Bag Essentials 

For The Birthing Person:

  • Insurance card and pre-admission paperwork

  • Copies of birth plan *preferably on neon paper so it stands out

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Something comfortable to wear during labor i.e. robe, long t-shirt, nothing that is hard to take on or off (unless you prefer a hospital gown)

  • Warm socks or slippers that you don’t mind potentially throwing away

  • Flip flops for the shower

  • A large cup with a straw or easy to drink from bottle

  • Portable speaker with a few playlists or favorite music

  • A lamp or Christmas lights to cozy up the room

  • Pillows from home if you would like

  • Lip balm

  • Cellphone charger

  • Hair ties/shower cap

  • Personal focal point (sonogram picture, baby clothes, ancestral photo, picture of your happy place, flowers, a figurine, etc.)

  • Your favorite natural vegetable oil (for your perineum when pushing)

  • Snacks: anything that is easily digested like broths, fruit, applesauce, honey sticks, crackers, etc.

  • Water and electrolytes (i.e. coconut water, 40,000 volts electrolytes, etc.)

For Laboring Person Postpartum:

  • Cosmetics/toiletries

  • Going home clothing (what you wore around 5-6 months pregnant)

  • Cranberry juice to prevent bladder infection

  • Stool softener for that first postpartum poo

  • Nipple cream such as Mother Love

  • Disposable underwear Nursing bras

  • Witch Hazel for perineal packs Peribottle

  • Soft washcloth

For The Partner:

  • Grooming supplies (toothbrush, deodorant, shaver, etc.)

  • Snacks and water (be mindful of your breath, please)

  • Change of clothing including a sweatshirt (hospitals get cold)

  • Phone charger

  • Swimsuit to accompany mother in shower

  • Something to do during “downtime”

  • Baby book to get footprints

For Baby:

  • Car seat (will need to be in place before you can leave hospital)

  • Going home outfit

  • Undershirt or onesie

  • Receiving blanket

  • Warm blanket for cool weather

  • Newborn diapers

  • Coconut (or other natural oil) to put on baby’s bum after birth to help with wiping from first poo


*Pro Tip: Pack separate bags for birth, and postpartum needs and keep partner and baby's needs in separate bags



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